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I recently purchased NOKIA 6.1 (2018) (4GB/64GB). Every thing was working fine.

But exactly after 29 days there was a very big issue.

While charging my phone i received a call.After that i unplugged the cable and tried to attend the call.

suddenly my phone got switched off & i couldn't switch on the phone.

I reported the problem to NOKIA care. Till now they couldn't provide a solution.  

Feeling completely disappointed.

Note - Phone is within the warranty period. 

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I had the same problem, but only after 4 days.  Went to bed and woke up with a dead phone.  Tried to charge it and chatted with Nokia Support but nothing would revive the phone.  Sent it back to the vendor and they powered up the phone.  I asked what they did, but their response was that they simply charged the phone and it was fine.  I'm pretty sure I know how to charge the battery and press the power/volume buttons so it's a mystery why the phone 1) went dead, 2) wouldn't power up initially and 3) powered up a week later. 

The vendor returned the phone to me and it's been fine for a couple of days but I'm wary of another episode as the four day mark approaches...

Not surprised you haven't received a solution from Nokia...

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