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Bluetooth instability

 Hello everyone, my Nokia 6 (2017) since it was upgraded to the Oreo version 8.0 has a problem of instability with Bluetooth: randomly disconnects and then reconnect itself after a while and it does it when it is in idle state (no calls or listening to music).

I've tried to contact support through the support app, but the only advices I received are to clear the cache and data of Bluetooth and Bluetooth Midi applications, perform a soft reset and reset the network settings, without solving them.

I did some researches on the internet and I found that in the developer options you can change some bluetooth parameters like AVRCP and codec (AAC, SBC, LDC, aptx etc).

Changing codec is impossible because the setting goes back to default after exit from menu.
I tried to change the AVRCP parameter from 1.4 to 1.3 and in fact the Bluetooth was back to work steadily for a few days. But now the problem has returned and I do not know what else to try.

I've read that the update to Oreo has created problems with Bluetooth with many devices of other brands.

Did it happen also to you?

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 Hi, I still having the problem, the support can't help me. The July Update incresed the frequency of bluetooth disconnection.

Is someone of Nokia 6 owners having the same issue?

At this point, I wonder what was the utility of Oreo beta test if it hasn't been corrected neither the bluetooth bug nor the volume/dolby atmos bug.

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