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no security updates nokia6

Turkey noki6 (2017) Why April, May and June did not receive security patches. help please. Nokia6 has created disappointment

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I know how you feel, am having similar problems in Australia on my Nokia 6 nothing since February, got it sent away as it would not update to 8.1.0 of android and they updated it to only march. I was annoyed as why not updated it to the current month. I would like to know why I don't receive any security updates. Common Nokia, don't let your good reputation diminish.
I'm on Poland and I have nokia 6 TA-1000. Last security update I got is from first of may 2017. Nokia shall fix the update problem ASAP for phones that have no updated. Our Nokias are not updated so they are more vulnerable for malucious software. All Nokia 6 should already have possibility to update to android oreo or event better - news version of Symbian IS which was 1000x better than android OS.
I did not receive June and July security patch update
Come on Nokia, I have been in contact online and all they say is do this and do that, or wait. I have waited long enough, show your valued customers what your brand really represents, quality and innovation. Not insecure electronic devices. If you want people to recommend a brand, then listen to what people want and need.
(Apologies for the poor formatting, that's what happens when you use a HMD Android phone to post on their forums. There were paragraphs in the original posting, but they will be lost to mediocrity.) Same thing here with the Nokia 5 (TA-1024, retail phone with no network lock) in the UK. I realise this is a Nokia 6 thread, but it seems pointless to open one for the 5 when it will also be ignored by HMD. So far in 2018, HMD have failed to deliver on their advertised commitment to updates for 3 out of 7 months (April, June, July); a 42% failure rate. I don't particularly care what the underlying issue is at this point, HMD sold me a product with quite specific expectations, and they are habitually failing to deliver. So, between essentially a total lack of communication over the status of updates, mediocre update delivery, the move from Qualcomm to MediaTek on the 5.1, and apparently they just couldn't be bothered selling the 64GB 6.1 in the UK; I'm pretty much done with HMD at this point. It's just repeated failures to deliver, dissapointment, and general mediocrity. I'm likely to tell people to avoid HMD, as a company that fails to deliver on its core promises and features, if the subject comes up. I won't go around actively shouting about it, just steer people away when it comes up. HMD, you could possibly still change my view, if I start seeing signs that you truly care about delivering the promised updates and actively communicating rollout status. Otherwise, it was a nice idea, but a dissapointing failure.

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You will never receive any update . I am stucked on May . HMD don't care for us . They are not like old Nokia we love .
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