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Did you receive june security patch?

Did someone receive june security patch update ? I didn't receive yet i contact to support team but thy said you have to change you sim card  is that any logic for it? My nokia model is ta-1043

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I also didnt received june security patch

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 why company didn't give us updates yar

im guessing/hoping its because its a bigger update with more than just the patch?

nope, pretty sure its not out yet

Hmm maybe they making big update for it i don't know its real android one or they just making us fool ,for Android one devices they have to give us fast updates but they taking too much time

I think they are doing their best to release an update that won't cause issues as some users were experiencing in April and May. Coming from a device that never received updates, I'd rather wait they get it right, other than rush to make you happy, then ya'll return angry when something breaks.

Exactly. Firmware is a complex piece of software. There are a lot of countries/providers with their own specifications Nokia has to take into account. It's too easy to say "Google released the patch of the 5th, so Nokia has to update their phones on the 6th". Specially with a relative new model.

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Still they didn't respond to this . I hate nokia brand now they become greedy now

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The June Patch is not just the security update. But, they're bundling fixes for the bugs. Take the case of the Random Reboot bug. It's caused by an issue in 4g. And it's affected at a firmware level. Also, it's not replicable everywhere. It's occuring on particular regions, particular carriers (perhaps on a certain LTE band. If people posted the LTE bands of their carrier, we could find a correlation). i.e. my 6.1 has faced no random reboots on Idea and Jio Networks. So, following the fix. They need to roll it. They may not have access to test it in every possible region (If they can, they definitely should). So, the best they can do is do a slow roll out to users. See if the problem is resolved. I had a nexus 5 for a bit more than 2 years. I had to wait about 1-2 weeks generally to get the update. I got saved once because there was a nasty bug on one of the security updates. So, what you're seeing here is pretty normal. Even if this was a nexus phone. Among other things, the camera bug is frustrating. But, it's frequency has reduced for me post May Update.
Oky oky lets see how slow the update came to us
I received today. It was just a security patch of 84MB nothing else
Got the patch as well. Was 77 MB for me. Downloaded and installed .
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