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MMS problems

Hello. I cant recieve or send MMS on my Nokia 7 plus. I am from Norway and I use Onecall as operator. The problem started aproximatly 14 days ago. I have tried to fill in the MMS data manualy. Anyone with the same problem or anyone who can help me?

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I've also encountered the same issue. Same country, same operator. Did you find a solution to this?

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I don't send MMS, but not being able to receive them (I have some old relatives that do send MMS) makes it difficult to respond.

I can see that the posts in Norwegian probably were deleted by the admin. But for the record: there were another user also reporting the same problem with MMS for Nokia7plus+OneCall.  

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I'm on Chili mobil. (Telia network) I cannot send / receive any mms messages. Tried a Komplett (Telenor network) sim and then everything works.

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Same problem and operator! Any solution found?
I am facing issue with SMS, having 2 sims if anyone is enabled with 4G mobile data , another one is not receiving the SMS. This is really irritating.
Got this answer from OneCall: Hi. Sorry, it has taken some time before you received feedback from me here. It's the case that we have had a lot of customers lately with the Nokia 7 Plus who are experiencing the same issues as you, so in recent days we collected the examples and sent all the higher up technically, which is now in dialogue with Nokia to find out where the problem is. They are in the process of correcting the problems you and more experience here and, of course, I will come back to you when I have more information from Nokia and Teknsik concerned this. In the meanwhile, I can only regret these problems, as unfortunately I do not have anything to do with this even today. I have thrown on a free data pack for you and your family on their subscriptions now in July and will do the same in August. Has also added the monthly fee for August for free as a patch on the wound for so long. As I said, you will hear from me when I have more information. Wishing you a good summer for a long time! :-)

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Hi, that's great that they are working on it. Please update if you get more information.

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I'm having the same problems as everyone else in this thread. Had Chili Mobile and now Talkmore. Please post if any updates to this issue.
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