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Gear S3 watch not connecting automatically

Just bought the 6.1 a day ago and have noticed quite a big problem with using my gear S3 watch. It was a pain to even get the watch to pair up over Bluetooth, but the phone will not connect automatically over Bluetooth. Whether it be from restarting the phone or going out of connection range, I have to manually reconnect the phone by going into Bluetooth settings. The gear S3 is not at fault as I know it connects fine over Bluetooth on my previous phones, Moto X4, Huawei p10lite, honor 6x and iPhone se. This needs fixing asap.

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Wow, speedy replies from support here.. almost as good as Lenovo/Moto 藍

I had the same hassle getting my S3 connected and also have the same issue with it not reconnecting automatically when its back in range. I have tried repairing and clearing the Bluetooth cache to no avail. This sucks as the Gear S3 worked great with my old Samsung Galaxy S6 phone.

So that's 5 phones that the S3 works fine with. Evidence is pointing at Nokia being at fault here yet nobody from support is acknowledging this! Take some ownership of this Nokia! I'm quite happy to provide bug reports and Bluetooth snoop logs if you need them, unless of course you know it can't be fixed due to a crappy implementation of Bluetooth 5? Try being honest and not pissing off your customers...
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