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In Dual Sim mode phone does not switch to LTE

I have a dual sim Nokia 6, Model number TA-1021 running Android Oreo. I have been observing a strange behaviour on my phone. If I put 2 SIMS in my phone my phone will not catch the LTE signal. If I remove one sim  or go to Settings > Network & Internet > SIM Cards and disable one of the SIM then the other SIM latches onto the LTE network. So for example let us say that the Preferred network type option of SIM1 is 4G(recommended) while that of SIM2 is 2G then when I switch on the data for SIM1 I do not get LTE, I only get H+. However if I were to switch off the mobile data of SMI1, disable the SIM2 and finally enable the mobile data of SIM1 then I get LTE signal.

       This happens even if I swap the SIM cards. Or If I try the reverse, i.e. disable SIM1, put SIM2 on 4G and switch on the  data network.

      How do I resolve this issue? I need LTE on my primary SIM, i.e. SIM1, irrespective whether there is another SIM in the phone or not.  Any help in resolving this issue would be appreciated.

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