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Useless Glance

Hi, I would like to use glance at daytime and not in the night because the phone screen is too bright near the bed. I always load the phone at the night with not disturb on (tasker set it when I plug in the phone) The problem is, if the power connected glance ignore the timeout! Why? Please let the timeout on in all conditions. Possible if the feature wanted,add a button "always on an power plug in". So the glance for me is useless because I won't configure the phone every evening and morning. Andi

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I want ambient dsiplay instead of this useless glance.

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What is the difference between ambient and glance when it comes to IPS LCD? For AMOLED or OLED, it makes sense as it light only those pixels, but on IPS, it lights whole screen and battery consumption is the same... Correct me if I am wrong
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