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[Nokia 7 Plus] Android P beta - "Install manually" button is missing


I would like to test Android P but the "Install manually" button is missing completely.

Status: "Validation OK"

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So, it's not possible to download Android P Beta built at the moment?


Hi Patrik, 

Thanks for your interest in trying Android P. Right know the download is not available due to a bug. But our team is working to resolve it as soon as possible. After that the download will be available again :) 

Sorry for the little inconvenience and best regards, 


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It was quite odd choise from nokia do make an update and do not tell the customers that ota update its actually roll back to oreo 8.1 and not update for android p that totally messed up my phone..i was like what happened it jammed in the lock screen completely..1,4gig update and it was actually roll back to oreo 8.1 i had to wipe out all data to get phone back to working state..thanks Nokia. And if nokia really wanna compete the other phones come on its 2018...bring aptx to nokia 7 plus users..sound from bluetooth and bad..really bad..when useing wireless headphones that could use aptx...its really bad.

hi laura.. any tentative date of release for android p preview 3


Same issue as Patrik Selin since last friday.

We bought a Nokia 7 Plus just for testing our apps on Android P Preview but we are stuck at the same step :/

@Laura While waiting the bug resolution, can you share a direct link for downloading the Nokia 7 Plus ROM ? :)

Thanks in advance

Best Regards

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@Laura Don't mind my message above, we returned our fresh Nokia 7 Plus to buy a refurbished Pixel XL instead ;)

Manual install is back.

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