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Video recorder 1080p with 60 fps

Hi Nokia I have a question about Nokia 7 plus Nokia 7 Plus . phone hardware support 120 FPS slow motion video recording so why you are not including 1080 p with 60fps video recording actually in Nokia 7 plus camera UI we can only record 1080 p with 30 FPS and 4K also 30fps why not 60fps with 1080 p like other phone in this price range . And also know any recording pause option at the time of recording please improve it this problem with help of upcoming update because this is a very very very common in all smartphone camera please .

Nokia pls wake up, improve camera app and improve camera processing like gcam . Pls work on it...hope to see next update
Yeah, we need 60 fps !!!

Hi, is it available now 1080p @ 60 FPS and 4k @ 60 FPS?

And how can i change the fps directy in slow motion

Please update 60fps and the shutter speed, Nokia!

How can i do that please help
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