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Laura where is the June update?

I'm asking you directly only because you yourself told us that it has indeed been rolled out but from the looks from iy not a single soul has gotten it yet. Did you guys stop the roll out cause of a new bug in it? Give us some closure on what's happening.

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So Auki, finally sobered up?

Just unlock your bootloader I don't care about secure mulfunctions...this fon can get bug fixes within 24 hours if u decided to unlock the bootloader ,millions of developers working on aosp based ROMs will provide solutions esap fast than even hmd can provide a roll out update that rolls up for a week and no one has it ,it's really simple stuff ,if you can't figure out bugs u unlock your bootloader and every week even occuring bugs users will report and some users will find a work around ,have a model that embraces open outsourcing ,,my fon isn't being used by a president ,,so who cares if u unlock the bootloader?that's why Xiaomi usually have developer firmware and stable firmware if u wanna live on the edge of new updates and software trials u choose developer ROMs which has almost weekly fixes ,,why can't hmd also has such kind of upgrade system?u let us choose stable or developer ROMs ,,so that I know if I prefer newer updates it comes with a caveats such as might be buggy but since it's unlocked bootloader ,,I can be sure solutions will come from forum members or even developer sites or telegram groups etc ,,,
I wish people from hmd would just come out and say we can't update the fon untill in 5 months time so we can earn anyone hopping to get hmd global Nokia 6.1 they don't end up buying it till they start selling it at 190 euros that point Ur buying the hardware not the crappy software it is preloaded with or let us unlock the bootloader,alot of Xiaomi Fons have their bootloader unlocked and that's why bug fixes are done so fast sometimes users have better bug hunt abilities than even the phone makers who often employ maybe small teams of bug hunters and they have alot of device ,,not dedicated to a single device ,hmd u have two choices unlock Ur bootloader a let us figure out our problems coz I can update security patches to my own fon as long as bootloader is opened and Google has released the patch ,,it's not like Nokia 6.1 isn't running an aosp based ROM ,it's pretty stock which even makes it easy to debug ,it is either hmd is lazy or they are like Microsoft ,mobile decision is making losses so they don't see why waste time updating Fons ,,,but again I also have Nokia 7 plus and I received a software update that downgraded my fon and it's worst than Nokia 6.1 ,,although I understand I was using a beta software android 9.0,,the downgrade shudnt have caused such mulfunctions....
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