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Dedicated sound recorded powered by OZO sound

I recently had a situation where I wanted to record audio, where I confidently whipped out my Nokia 8 knowing that it has top notch sound recording capability with 3 mics and OZO sound, but to my surprise I realised that there is no sound recording/ audio recording app on the Nokia 8.

This comes as a surprise to me when big brands like Samsung and market hoggers like Xiaomi both have their own sound recording app, even though they aren't advertising the sound recording to be anything special, there's an app if their users feel the need to record audio.

Now we come to the Nokia 8, advertises best in class spatial audio recording. No doubt, personally best audio I have heard in videos recorded on a phone. But what if I want to just record an audio clip? What if I don't want to make a video with camera point blank facing a table or something, recording in monochrome and later extract audio from the recorded video file?

I did try using the various apps available on Play Store, none of them turned out to be satisfying or atleast using the 3 mics in order to offer me the quality of audio i would get if I record a video.
I hope that Nokia has this down on the list of updates to send out to Nokia 8 users worldwide, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one bummed out to not be able to use OZO sound quality to record audio clips.

If you haven't taken note of this till now, please do and let us have an app to utilise the abilty of our devices.    

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