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Turn off beeping that occurs when I open apps and go full screen


I just received my Nokia 6 (2018) and it is working fine. There is a problem with the phone though. When I open some apps a beep occurs, it's a short 2 pulse beep. The beep sounds always when I open apps full screen like full-screen youtube video or a game. It also occurs for some other apps and when notification windows come up, like for example when Amazon Prime music popped up a windows asking me if I wanted to activate Alexa. I have tried all the settings in the sound menu in settings but to no avail. Any idea how can stop this annoyance?

Thank you, I hope someone can help.

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Turns out that the sound is attached to the ring volume. So if I set the ring volume all the way down the beep goes away. Fortunately, Android sets the vibrate on automatically when the ring volume is all the way down. This is now downgraded to a minor issue but it would be nice to figure out how to disable this beep so I can turn the ringer on if I need to.

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