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Backup issues since update to Oreo 8.0

My phone is a TA-1000. I had it re-flashed with the original ROM software to version 7.1.1 Build 00CN_3_31D.
Everything worked as expected. Absolutely pleased with new ROM. Updates via OTA became feasible.
Then recently, I received an OTA update to version 8.0.0 Build 00CN_5_210. Again, everything was hunkydory, until I discovered an issue with backup.
1) The ct backup app which was available in 7.1.1 was removed by the update to Oreo. I had found it an indispensable app for me to do manual backup to a local storage (eg SD). 
Where and how do I find this app again?
2) The backup to Google drive now does not seem to work. Only Photos & videos appear to sync properly. All others,
App data, Call history, Device settings and SMS messages perpetually shows "waiting to backup" without doing anything..

Any help, suggestions or tips would be gratefully received. Thanks

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