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Improve the Nokia camera app

Recently Nokia has produced great phones with great hardware, Andriod One and great camera specs on paper but the Nokia camera app is absolutely shameful for such great phones. The photos are abysmal especially in low lighting. I'm using the Nokia 7 plus, at first I thought maybe the camera itself is not that good but then I installed Google Camera and the photos were fantastic. Now the Google Camera has stopped working after the June update and I'm left with the sh*tty Nokia camera app. So please for the love of God improve your app, your phones deserve better.

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Tech Wizard

Hello, @user1529101260182 I use a Nokia 8 Sirocco and I am also suffering from the same issue as yours. I am also very dissatisfied with the Nokia Camera App on my phone. It's pretty shameful that Nokia couldn't even get the camera app right on it's top flagship phone. Now I'm sure that the developers who created the Nokia Camera App don't know how to do their jobs properly. Hopefully, Nokia is listening to us users about this and working hard to make the camera app better.
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