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All incoming calls are unknown numbers

 Since the june update all incoming calls are unknown numbers. This despite the fact that they are from people in my contactlist. I tried looking for settings to adjust but can't find any. Than contacted vodafone and they resetted my network settings. Didn't work. Did a factory reset, no luck. Than did a factory reset and booted the phone. Did not enter any setup en called from other phone. It came in with a full number and not with unknown number. Than did the google setup and all incoming calls went to unknown number again. Did a new reset and installed google with a new account without apps and without contacts. But still unknown number.

To me it seems that the caller id works until the moment I install the google apps.

Anyone here with idea's how to solve? I can't find any similar messages so don't think it is a 8.1 bug.

I will try to find someone with sim from other provider and try it in my phone but that could take a while. I am only one with nanosim in my household.


Disable 4g and Volte, use 3g/2g only. works fine for now.

Nokia is working on an update

I have the same problem on the Vodafone network in the Netherlands. It is a bug in the June security update, this update caused a shitload of problems and bugs.... Hopefully Nokia will offer a fix soon.

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Dear All

I am also facing the same problem(All incoming call showing as unknown) and CGC, Qatar who is service provider of Nokia misguide me that the problem is with my SIM. When i have change the setting from 4G to 3G. Then its working properly. What is this. Please reply admin. We are facing problem for

Hi I am using Nokia 7 plus, and also facing problem whenever update is coming and facing problem again and again. CGC Qatar service provider fixing this but this problem coming when update is coming. Plz help me out of this.
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