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Nokia 7 Plus TA-1046 Bypass Google Account..

If you've tried multiple methods to bypass frp Nokia 7 Plus TA-1046, and unable to bypass frp lock, because off course new security patch level now biting difficult to bypass google account, after doing so many steps then I am successfully bypassed google account Nokia 7 Plus TA-1046 so that's why I've decided to share with you guys new method to bypass frp on Nokia 7 Plus TA-1046

This method has been tested with [Nokia 7 Plus TA-1046 Android 8.1].

Bypass Google account Nokia 7 Plus TA-1046.
-Power on your device.
-Connect your device to Wifi.
-Now, set up your device then go to " Verify Google Account" Screen.
-Then back to "Welcome Screen".
-Now you have to enable "talkback features" on your Device.
-from the "welcome screen" on your device screen then Tap on "Vision Settings" icon.
-Then tap on "talkback" then turn on talkback features.
-after that, you have talkback tutorial on your device screen.
-Now draw "L" on your Nokia 7 Plus screen to bring "Global Context Menu".
-When "Global Context Menu" Pops up* show on your device screen - then double tap on "Talkback Settings"
-Now again draw "L".
-Then double tap on "pause talkback" then double back on "Ok".
-From "talkback settings" screen then scroll down, then tap on "Help & Feedback".
-Select the "Get Started with Voice" option.
-Now you will able to see a "YouTube Video" on your Screen. then play the "Youtube Video" after that tap on "Clock" icon.
-Note: IF you unable to select the "Clock" icon then you can tap on "Youtube" title.
-Now you will access "Chrome Browser" on your device.
-Then select "No thanks" and then "Accept & Continue".
-Then click on the search bar and type "download frp tools gadgetsdr"
-Then goto very first search result. That is according to our Site "".
--Download from there "Apex Launcher.apk"
-While downloading finish, you will get a popup then tap on "Open " from that popup.
-Now you will get a "Security popup window" on your device screen.
-Then tap on settings then enable "Unknown Source" from there.
-Then tap on "back key" then install then Apex launcher by >next > next > Open.
-Then you will access home screen.
-Then again tap on "Chrome Brower".
-Now download from there "FRP Bypass(GD).apk"
-Also, download from there "Google Account Manager 6.0.apk"
-Once downloading finish "Google Account Manager 6.0.apk" then*we will get again a popup button. then click on "Open" button from that popup window.
-Install the "Google Account Manager" By-install =>Install => Next => Done.
-Then back to "apex launcher" home screen by tapping "back key".
-Then Goto "downloads".
-Install the "FRP bypass(GD).apk" (that you downloaded before.
-After installation done tap on "Open" and open the "FRP Bypass GD" applications.
-After open the applications - you will see the "retype password" screen.
-Then tap on "3" dots from the top right corner of your device.
-Then tap on "Browser Sign IN" from that popup.
-Then sign in there with your any Valid Gmail ID.
-Then "Reboot".
-Join our details information about Bypass FRP Nokia 7 Plus TA-1046 section here.
check your missing steps..

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