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FIX BOOT LOOP (stuck on Nokia logo) after camera update (V4.88B), requires developer mode.

This only works if you had developer options enabled (and an authorized PC) before the update.

Like many people are reporting, my Nokia 8 also started boot looping after the OTA update (V4.88B). Wiping the phone from the recovery menu fixes the problem, but I had some files that were not backed up and was trying to recover them.

Yesterday, I posted on another forum part of a log that I was able to get using adb, even while boot looping (

The boot loop problem is related to the WIFI service (migration of legacy configurations).

While boot looping and connected using USB to a authorized PC, run adb shell svc wifi disable. This will disable the WIFI and the phone will boot properly. Don't re-enable WIFI, the phone will crash. Just backup the data using USB and do factory reset, the phone should work properly then.

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