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We deserves answers

More and more users are coming up complaining about whole Android p becomes Oreo you guys said you found the bug and that's it ? Just give us develpor preview 3 man !!! Develpor preview 4 drops in one week and we just got screwed. Next time you dudes answer this don't give us the we'll update you as soon as we can just give a date or something...i really thought Nokia will make mark with the new 7 plus but guess what if hardware is pretty good you got software to screw up , even regular 8.1 Oreo users lost volte after June security update... nice work Nokia. HMD is the next company that's gonna screw that brand name after Microsoft.

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yes we deserve an answer answer us!!!

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Come on !!! Zero reply now too ?


Hi all, 

Sorry, I’m  not working 24/7 so answers can last a bit. I don’t have an exact time when we  will release the next Dev. Preview, so patience is the key. I’m sorry for that  but that is all I can tell you. 

Best  regards, 


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