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Videos on playing on any browser or whatsapp story

Unable to stream video content. Opeing on chrome stutters the whole screen as there is lot of media (photos and videos) on that page and I cannot play a single video.

Are you still in Android p develpor preview 2 ?
Yes, I read the posts before installing the update.
But people failed to install Android p develpor preview 2 because of time stamp how did you install p or is it that you didn't install June security update ?
The one that Nokia gave is DP2 which is Beta 1 and the latest one from google is DP3 = Beta 2. I'm on DP2.
Okay did you install June security update ?
Great there's a chance that you might get dp3 or you might need to roll back I'm back on Oreo after installing security update and now everything is working fine
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