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Touchscreen issues, input glitches, and overall UI lag

I've had the TA1062 variant since release. The phone was magnificent and worked great without issue for the first few weeks... Come mid-May, I started experiencing UI slowdown, input glitches, and problems with an unresponsive touchscreen. Things have gotten progressively worse since the June updates, to a point where the device is almost unusable. 


Current problems:

  • Touchscreen will fall into an unresponsive state while using the device - locking/unlocking the phone is the only way to get the device responding again. Initially I would encounter this once or twice a day (usually while scrolling within an app), but I now run into this problem every 5 mins no matter what environment or app I use - system, Google, Store apps. 
  • Touchscreen will sometimes register false input when scrolling+tapping quickly.
  • Touchscreen input will sometimes be very laboured and delayed when scrolling up/down. If I flick upwards on-screen to scroll down a page, then flick downwards (or tap) to stop scrolling (or scroll back up), there will be a delay of up to two seconds before the device responds to my input... I will watch a page continue to scroll down despite my thumb on-screen dragging in the opposite direction. In general, I will notice a slight (100-200ms) input delay when navigating an app window or page.
  • Frequent UI slowdown.
  • Fast charging feature no longer operational.

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I also faced the issue of Touch Screen being unresponsive/Freeze. It only works when you lock/unlock the phone. Any update on your problem ?

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No, sorry. I'm still struggling with the same issues. I know others are having the same problems, both here and the XDA community, but haven't seen any fix anywhere or update on the problem by Nokia... I'm living abroad at the moment, and since my Mandarin isn't at the level needed to discuss this problem with the shop owner in any depth, I've had to go back to my old device for the time being...

Thank you for the response. I sincerely hope that you get your phone in working condition as soon as possible. :-)

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I have the same issues, model TA1062, for three weeks it worked perfectly, I was very happy with it, then it starts to present the same touch problems you mention and right now it happens a lot, I can no longer enjoy my phone without having to lock it and unlock it every moment to work until it happens again.

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I am also facing the same issue now the touch freeze and the screen is unresponsive. There is no specific pattern i tried all the troubleshooting steps also tried booting the device in safe mode but still the issue exists. No clearity from Nokia on this issue now.. really frustrated for choosing this brand.
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