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is anyone listening to us

there are a lot of bugs since June security update i hope someone is listening to us and get these things fixed asap

I agree and this is very frustrating. I keep coming here looking at all these messages, hoping we will get a sign at some point. We cannot know if we are asking for help in vain or not, since there is no acknowledgement from Nokia/HMD. I suspect it is mostly in vain, HMD does not have the workforce to support all those models and the new ones coming every few months, and only fixes what seems to be the most urgent problems. From time to time, a moderator comes here and tells us to wait for the next patch, repeating the same answers as the support people. I wonder if they understand that not talking to the community is bad for them.

Nokia is launching phones like crazy...... They have to update their old as well as new devices,........I THINK HMD is struggling to patch issues in its devices .......cause it's too much.....and yes....I agree....that they should address their community.... Or This COMMUNITY WILL just become a PR move (Software is also very important HMD)
i wish i would have gone for one plus 6
After June Update, even we are facing issues with calling... It hangs frequently...
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