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WiFi AP compatibility

Since 8.1 access point compatibility has become terrible, I have three different routers with different chipsets ranging from mediatek/atheros/broadcom (two tplinks and a billion bipac) all have good working WiFi with other devices laptops tablets not a problem but the Nokia 7 plus - that's a no go!! Upload speed is non-existent affecting a lot of apps like Amazon/twitter/firefox not loading pages 8.0 never had the issue, this is my second Nokia 7 plus it will be returned to Amazon and reviewed accordingly , I was told by online chat to wait for next security patch well here we are and the issue is still present. I am able to reproduce this even in safe mode both 2.4ghz and 5ghz bands are affected. The only router that works is a bt homehub5 but had that on loan. Opensignal app and speedtest.net both flatline on the upload tests Anyone else have this issue??

Similar issue...some apps and websites (mainly amazon ones) don't work on some wifi networks since 8.1 (when all other devices do). Just got phone replaced and same issue.
In the end I gave up and got a oneplus6 no issues sorry Nokia I'm done
Oh god, this is the exact issue I'm having.... Second handset in 5 days. Am I going to have to change the phone model????
I tried everything in the router even resetting to factory settings it made no difference, the only router that worked was a bthomehub. For me this problem was present in the developer preview aswell. I advise you change as Nokia simply won't acknowledge the fault exists
Thanks for your reply, a search on this forum shows no fix even be discussed so I have to agree. We all got new phones in the family this weekend so I sitting here trying a Nokia 5, Huawei p smart and Samsung A3, none have this issue and I'm now looking to just get a Huawei p smart instead. Camera a bit too. Such a shame I liked this phone but it's unusable 
They are all a downgrade and the p smart moves from usb-c socket back to micro USB connector yuck! Try looking for xaomi mi 8 se it contains a Snapdragon 710 cpu
Not a solution but as I can't be bothered setting up another new phone I've been able to work around the problem by sending all browser internet traffic through a VPN.
I've only had the handset for a week, well that's 2 handsets with same issue exactly. Retuning as still in cooling period. Found a Huawei p 20 for the same money, I'm using it now - amazing, none of those issues. Nokia, I am disappointed. First time I've tried a Nokia phone for about 12 years, won't be back
Yes a VPN solves the problem but that's an extra service that you may have to pay for. Free VPN only lasts a certain amount of MB/GBybtes. My worry is Nokia will not fix the issue along with regular security patches and will make people wait until android p. I still have the global version ta-1062 of the phone boxed up and will periodically test it to see if they fix it but it's not the only issue there are Bluetooth problems also.
Sasly, It wouldn't surprise me if they didn't fix it at all...seems to only be affecting a small number of users.... maybe. Definitely the phone that's the problem though.
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