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Bad product

Company is good but phone is damm bad always hang and crash. System error and too much heat while charging don't spend your money on this phone.

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For how long have you had it?
Different experience to what everybody else appears to be having. The fast charging doesn't generate any heat of significance. Couple of degrees above ambient temperature is all. Other than a minor issue with MMS and SMS found a fix the phone is *great*.
It's going to be one month
Facing lot of problems with this phone always hang, auto on speaker while calling and aotu call emergency number.
Okay. I asked because I've had mine for 2 months now, and the performance used to be just fine. But not any longer.. constantly hangs and causes SystemUI to crash, even from just doing simple multitasking. And at times it stutters like crazy, and I basically have to wait for it to do it's thing before I can even use the Navbar.

I'm quite sure it was caused by the May update (2.22A) because prior to that it was like I said performing nicely, and I never had any issues like the ones I'm experiencing now.

So I wouldn't call it a bad product. In terms of the hardware it's great, it's just that the firmware appears to be completely broken atm. Mine doesn't suffer from too much heat while charging though, also, gotta keep in mind that all phones with quickcharge support do get much more heated while charging.

Can everyone with these issues recall if it's always been like this, or only since the May update?

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