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Bluetooth issues

I have Nokia 6.1 I am unable to connect my jbl go with it via Bluetooth. I can connect jbl go with my iphone and other devicestoo. But it doesn't appera in pairing menu of Nokia 6.1 This cheap quality phone always have had issues since I purchased it. Don't know when Nokia will understand consumer value and give lag free experience.

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I have a Nokia 6.1 recently upgraded to Android 8.1. In bluetooth settings it doesn't "see" my Panasonic SA-AKX100 that is right next to it and in "pairing" mode.
I'm able to connect to an external device. But the audio will not play, the video will slow. Live chat said it's compatibility problem with Bluetooth 4.0 and 3.0. But Bluetooth company says no issues with lower version external devices to connect and play. Nokia is juat playing hide and seek.
Did You try to resset the network setting? This work for me with the wifi problem.
Tried it out, without success.
Unable to pair any Bluetooth device with my nokia 6.1
I too have the same problem. Not able to add any new Bluetooth device.
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