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Qi wireless charging not working: Dt-910


I have the Nokia DT-910, which i used to wirelessly charge my Lumia 950 but doesnt seem to charge my Sirocco. Is there something im missing? Is it the technology thats not compatible or do i need to enable it somehow?



With the phone held in landscape orientation slowly move it around while contacting the charging surface of the DT-910. You will find a sweet spot where the phone will charge. It may not be resting on the base. Use something to support the phone in the position which works. It is not ideal but it works. I use either a small ear bud pouch or two old batteries from Nokias I no longer use to support the phone.
I bought 3 of these useless devices, thinking to put one in different rooms. As described above, they do work in a crappy way. Nothing in Nokia's literature anywhere mentions the fact that it is NOT made for the S8. Which Leeds to the question: WHICH ONE IS??? Using other cordless chargers, like Samsung's heats the S8 up way too much and the charging does not stop when the phone is fully charged. This will most likely cause it to burn up at some point. IMO Nokia has no real clue what Wireless Charging really is. There are charging software serious problems (see above, plus the charging indicator on the 910 does NOT go out when it is fully charged), they have no clue which one of their chargers works with what. Long way to go before they hit the main stream...
But... does it work with N8 Sirocco or not? Because I have tried it a lot of ways but doesn't work.
The DT-910 does work work the Nokia 8 Sirocco but requires a fixture to keep the device in the sweet spot. I have better luck with the DT-901. Here there is a little dance between the device and the charger. It will connect, disconnect and then reconnect. After about 30 seconds it settles down and charges just fine.
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