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Device Uncertified in Play Store

I have bought a Nokia 7+ (TA-1062) china varient with global rom installed. My problem is that in the play store my device shows as uncertified. I already contacted the Nokia support and also the play store support and unfortunately they don't seem to have any proper answer to my problem. The Nokia support suggested me that as I am using the china varient with global rom, it is showing as uncertified. But the interesting fact is that few days ago I installed android P beta in my phone and because of some bugs I rolled back to the oreo rom and at that time my device showed as certified in the play store and then June update came..Installed it and again the same issue. For the uncertified issue I am not facing any problem downloading apps from playstore. But in the nokia forum in the Nokia 6 section I found a post indicating that if a device is uncertifed it won't recieve any future updates. So, if that is the case then the whole point of buying a Nokia becomes redundant. So, please guys help me. What should I do? P.S: I have cleared cache, data of google play services/ play store, soft/fully factory reseted my device several times, also reseted app preferences, also tried to use VPN to check whether monthly security patch update comes or not but nothing worked.

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Why did you brought the Chinese varient ? But don't wory even if your device is uncertified it can download apps just fine. And did you got your June update.....if yes then you will get updates anyway...,...
Thats the thing.. I got the june update but it is only because I rolled back to oreo from the Android P developer preview.. and after installing the june update my device became uncertified again..
I Nokia 7 plus also showed uncertified in play.i have not received June update yet.someone advise me how can I roll back to China rom.
If your device shows as uncertified in playstire it means it has been modified (you already explained that a global rom was flashed on the Chinese variant). That said, it won't orevebt future updates or uofrades whatsoever only that you can't use some apps that depend on a certified Google play store like Netflix and sine banks apps.
I have Nokia 7 plus but I can't sign in play store always I have message "checking for information"
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