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Nokia 3 touchscreen problem with liquid display issue

I have bought the Nokia 3 phone last year 24th June 2017, from authorised Nokia seller - JOYGURU TELECOM, Garia, kolkata -700084. The problem with the phones are as below- 1. The phone gets heated up and after 15 mins of calling. 2. The liquid display is having problem from the top lefqt side of the screen. 3. The touchpanels are not working. Sometimes working. Without pressing any key on the screen multiple screen buttons are pressed. 4. When i recieve an incoming call. Even after receiving the call the phone continues to vibrate which only stops after doing a restart. Now when i went to Nokia Care , Baruipur, the person at the front desk says.. the panel of my phone is damaged. Siting the reason, that the metal black color is damaged on the 4 corners of the phone. There was no engineer to support, even they are not giving any Nokia Care visit documents. When i asked the person to replace the panel in front of me and prove that all the problem is due to the color damaged on the 4 corners, by simply replacing the panel and solve all the issues. The person start arguing, saying the warranty of your phone doesnot stand up as the phone is damaged. The behaved very badly and literally ran from the behind exist even before the shop closure time. I am very frustrated with such support of Nokia Android phone. It is literally humiliating with such limited support centers .. the support engineers were not present to help. And it seems the person attending the support center, their primary motive is to put the ownership of all the phone issues to the phone user by siting foolish damaged issues. Please help.
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