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Android Oreo Beta for Nokia 2 is available now.

Tech Wizard

Everyone interested to test the beta software and enjoy the new features of Oreo earlier can join the beta labs. Let's help Nokia to upgrade their final remaining device to Android Oreo with minimum bugs. Cheers. :)

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I update to Oreo with no problem. I did have it plug in charging because it just update it self with google patch before I did Oreo.  I play with it with the Oreo then I did a 100% reset and rebuild the whole phone. Plus turn off more apps that feel will never use it help in memory. The only problem is the feedback man up left and hope it will go away when beta stop. 

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Hello I want to report bug / strange behavior

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Tech Wizard

Hello, @user1519685914266 please don't worry the feedback notification and app will be completely removed when the stable Oreo is released. I have experienced it too when I tested Beta Oreo for Nokia 3. And thank you for your participation.

Tech Wizard

Hello, @AboLregal make sure you report all the bugs you experienced through feedback app on your phone. Thank you.
It seems my phone becomes slower than it was before installing 8.1 beta. Is it only an illusion?

Tech Wizard

Hello, @Serg59 since this is a beta software your phone might have genuinely slowed down as performance issue is normal during this phase. However as you said it might be an illusion. Thank you.

Hi wilson.. is it possible to revert through OTA like previous phone beta test?


Hi Xkirazgmf

Yes, you can roll back again just like in the previous beta tests we had :) 

@Wilson: Thanks for opening up this topic and passing on the info. 

Best regards, 


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Tech Wizard

Hi @Laura thanks for the appreciation :).

Seem like this beta hard to use.. i get twice lagg than nougat eventhough i download oreo beta after reset factory when im nougat. Now i revert back to Nougat.. only use Oreo 1 Hour.. and i get Nougat with May Patch.. It seem late 1 month patch.. when im on nougat before download this Oreo beta, im on June Patch that available in my country on 19th June.

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I have used only 24 hours oreo beta then i degraded my nokia 2 to noughat due to sim network issue, battery drainage issue, sometimes camera issue, buggy settings,unstable performance.I am on noughat may security patch.
Hi Lura when Nokia 3 will be updated with oreo 8.1 ??
Got it June Security Patch On my Nokia 2 on 25 June.It has been deleted when i downgrade to noughat.

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Iya performa nokia 2 dengan Os Oreo Beta 8.1.0 kinerjanya melambat.. baterai serasa lebih boros daripada Os.Nougat. Terkadang pula Apps terhenti sendiri.

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