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USB Tethering not working on Ubuntu 16.04

 I have a Nokia 6.1 (TA-1068 model) and almost everything works as expected when connected via USB to my PC with Ubuntu 16.04. File transfer through MTP works ok, and also USB debugging. However, if I try to share my Internet connection via USB tethering, the PC does not respond at all. No internet connections or network interfaces appear, and `lsusb` only shows a device "Bus 002 Device 007: ID 0489:c022 Foxconn / Hon Hai".

With other android one devices, such as the Xiaomi Mi A1 this function works perfectly out-of-the-box. Are there specific drivers required for the Nokia 6.1?

Thank you very in advance much for your help.

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Tech Wizard

USB tethering to a Mate Desktop Linux PC does not work on my Nokia 8 either - but works fine with the same SIM in a Nokia 6 (old model).

The most noticeable network difference is that the Nokia 6 is not provisioned for Advanced 4G LTE / VoLTE, and Nokia 8 is.

I don't have the Linux skills to troubleshoot the issue on the PC and it does not seem to matter how the network preferences in the *#*#4636#*#* menu is set on the phone.
(Nokia 6 use TD-SCDMA/CDMA/UMTS as standard where Nokia 8 use LTE/UMTS auto (PRL) with the same Telenor Denmark SIM card).

USB tethering from Nokia 6 mimics an Ethernet connection on the PC, with no further adjustments needed:


Tech Wizard


Can you confirm that USB tethering works for you too now?

It started working after the July or August update on my Nokia 8 and continues to work after Linux is updated to 18.04.1


 I can confirm that this problem continues on my Nokia 6.1 and in Ubuntu 16.04

Tech Wizard

Thanks monxi,

Does tethering work at all (via WiFi or Bluetooth)?

There's an ongoing issue with some phones and mobile operators:

 Yes, tethering via WiFi or Bluetooth works perfectly. The problem with the USB is that a network interface is not created at all, so it's seems to be a driver-related issue.

Tech Wizard

If it's a driver then it must be built-in? A USB tethered connection from the Nokia phone appear as the standard Ethernet cabled connection on my Linux desktop, with no further action and no approval required.
- The Ethernet cable must be unplugged from the PC for USB tethering to work...

 I have no ethernet interfaces in my laptop, so that's not a problem. With other android phones (Nexus 5), a new network interface appears when USB tethering is activated, but not with the Nokia 6.1.

Tech Wizard

No Ethernet interface is unusual, and crucial information.

Can you not set up an Ethernet connection on the PC because of this?

In Mate Desktop it's via System > Control centre > Network Connections + Add Ethernet.
Next activate networking in the menu. It looks like this on my desktop:


Note that 'Auto Ethernet' is the same connection as is used when a real Ethernet cable is plugged in.

I reckon your phone works as designed, Further troubleshooting has to be done on the computer if the above does not work. I don't have a PC without Ethernet since the 1990's ;-)


Thank you very much for your response. No Ethernet interface is quite common in modern laptop computers. Mine is a Dell XPS 13 laptop, and if I connect a USB-Ethernet interface the network works perfectly without having to configure anything, so I assume the problem is not related with the computer, but with the phone. As I mentioned before, with other android phones, such as the Nexus 5, USB tethering works ok.

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