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Formatting sd card as internal

As an Android one device I expected my Nokia 7 plus to format my SD card as one internal storage where I can store my apps as well. It is there in all devices. My previous Moto G4 plus used to do it with nougat. But it's shocking that I can't do it. What do you say about it?

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Android removed this ability from marshmallow Just use internal storage for apps and games and SD card for movies and photos Don't do any experiments
And all the apps do not support SD cards
On Xiaomi A1 also an Androidone i can Format sdcard as internal, why Not on Nokia 7 plus?
If you look at the FAQ there is a section about the SD card. It says you can use it as internal or external storage. But..... When you try to follow the steps you never see the choice to use it as internal storage. This is not a problem with other Android One phones, this is yet another bug!
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