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Couldn't process fingerprint. Please try again.

From lock screen - phone displays Couldn't process fingerprint. Please try again. in response to most fingerprint attempts.

Have tried:

  • restarts, 
  • full power cycles, 
  • booting to safe mode (seems to help sometimes, but currently in safe mode it's failing consistently)
  • removing / re-adding fingerprints
  • removing / re-adding fingerprints in safe mode
  • installing updates (now on 8.1 with June security patch)
  • uninstalling the last couple of apps that were installed

Apps that can use fingerprint authentication seem to be unable to access the reader - any attempt to authenticate is interpreted as a home button push.

Anyone having similar issues? Have found a few trails of Pixel owners suffering something similar late last year... but nothing cropping up recently. Looking for someone with a fix or at least enough other people to flag the issue - right now I'm told this is not a known issue and I should visit the local repair center.... don't really feel like losing the handset for weeks for something that seems like a software bug...


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Tech Wizard

For what it is worth the 'Couldn't process fingerprint. Please try again'  only happens on my Nokia 8 when the fingerprint sensor is touched very briefly.

It will normally display 'Not recognized' and then 'Too many attempts. Try again later' after ~5 attempts with the wrong finger.

Also please note, the phone should vibrate when the fingerprint sensor is activated. The vibration does not occur when the sensor is touched briefly and 'Couldn't process fingerprint. Please try again' is displayed on my phone.

Did you add a screen protector, bumper, or a wallet that may interfere?

You already tried everything except a factory reset and set up the phone without restoring a backup - which is the last troubleshooting step before sending the phone for repair or replacement.

Mechanical defects happen. I hope you get it sorted out.


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