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3310 variants...?

hi all, just got a new 3310 for the wife, I've had one a while, this one is different, twin sim, two sim cards along side each other in the bottom of battery box ... not in the top at each side... and a sim style holder for mem card, but there apers to be no blue tooth, not in any menus exept the profile list at 7 but no settings for it..?? this new one is 126mm long not the 115 of my 6 month old one that only takes 1 sim card...

also ... in the manual it says go to settings, connectivity, blue tooth.... there is no conectivity in settings on the new larger 3310 I have...

There are indeed multiple dual sim versions of Nokia 3110, however all of them are about 115-117mm long according to information i gathered so that phone might actually be a product produced by someone other than Nokia/HMD.
Given it is 126mm long, I believe your wife might have purchased a phone labeled as "Samgle 3110" which looks 99% similar to the Nokia device except the brand name on the phone with the phone dimension being 126mm long.
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