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How to pass applications to the micro SD card?

I had the previous Nokia 6 and there in the version 8 of android I could pass applications to the micro SD card, but now that I have the 6.1 it does not work anymore I already gave it in the format option, but still does not let me pass them apps

That is correct, the current version of Oreo only let's you format the SD card as external memory. Reason the phones now have 3Gb/4Gb of internal memory. No issue storing data on the memory card the programs in main memory can access on the SD card.

This is BS.  If I'd know this before hand I would have bought a different phone from a different company!

Has nothing to do with NMD Nokia, all phones are the same. This is an issue with the Android software. With the amount of memory you have on the Nokia 6.1 cannot see why you would have an issue. Data can still be stored on the microSD card for programs in main memory.

It's no BS, HappyTraveller is correct. External storage is only for data in the latest android.

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