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Camera update

Hi all, Can any one tell when will the pro camera update will rollout for Nokia 6 2017.

Pro Camera update is only for the phones with ZEISS Optics lens. Nokia 6 doesn't have ZEISS lens so it will not get the Pro Camera update!

But Nokia 8 2017 has already got pro camera update ,I think it will be reflect for Nokia 6 too
Nokia 8 2017 has ZEISS lens... Nokia 6 (2017) doesn't support it.
Hmd has revealed that they will update non ziess lens camera phones also

No! Juho Sarvikas, the Chief Product Officer of HMD said that only the phones with ZEISS branding camera lens will be getting the Pro Camera Update. If you need Pro Camera on Nokia 6 then you will need to install the apk file by yourself. HMD is not going to provide official Pro Camera update to the phones without the ZEISS lens. This is final and there's no point of discussing it any further!

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How can I get pro camera mode in nokia 6 2017

Download the apk file by clicking here:!AtSQankM0RyVjMsU444ejaQ28y1lOQ

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