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Nokia 2 Oreo 8.1 beta released

I just read in news that Nokia 2 Oreo 8.1 beta released. All others please check and confirm. Nokia 3 might also get Oreo 8.1 beta soon.

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Tech Wizard

Hello, @Sammy this is 100% true you can check Laura our moderator has already posted yesterday about this in Beta Labs - Nokia 2 sub topic inside the topic head Beta Labs. Thank you.

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Yes I saw the nokia 2 beta forum in afternoon.

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@Wilson Shrestha has been Lura (moderator) posted about "Nokia 3 oreo 8.1" beta update??

Tech Wizard

No @Appu Mali Laura (moderator) hasn't posted anything about the Nokia 3 Oreo 8.1 beta update.
Then we can't say that they will release a 8.1 beta version or directly 8.1 stable version like Nokia 5&6
Nokia 2 oreo beta 8.1 has nightlight feature but missing pip mode, Where Nokia 3 stable oreo 8.0 missing nightlight feature but it have pip mode, why why??


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I received the June update today.

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Estaremos los usuarios de Nokia 3 pronto a recibía la actualización 8.1?

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Oreo 8.1 left out. Only June security update released for nokia 3.

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Hi user1511952697047, how to upload photo file here??

Tech Wizard

Same here just received the June Security Patch.
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