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Network and heating issue

Hi the phone has heating and poor Network reception issue. When can we expect a new updates to address this issue.
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Tech Wizard

Hello, @user1529512066653 I have no problem with the Network Reception but its true that the phone has heating problem. I don't do anything intensive with it normally. I think the heating is felt due to the phone's glass back design but I also think Nokia should fix this with an update. Personally, I am expecting a Android P update on this device much earlier after Google launches Android P. I think we should get the Android P update within a month after the launch since this is a flagship device from Nokia. The update will surely address most of the issues that are present in this phone as we will get a chance to complain about the issue on the betalabs. I think Nokia won't address this issue until the Android P update since it will consume more resources and time for them if they do. Thank you.

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