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GPS not working after June update

Neither Waze or Google maps SatNav seem to work after the June 2018 security update. On Android 8.1.0. Neither seem to get any GPS signal. Tried restarting several times, and resetting all network settings. Wondering if anyone else had the same issues? Also I've noticed I can't pair any new Bluetooth devices (never sees any devices when trying to pair), but I don't do it often so not sure if that's also maybe the June update or maybe an older issue.

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Hello, I have no problem with GPS or Bluetooth. Has the model TA-1004. Try to test GPS and Bluetooth by dialing the code: * # * # 372733 # * # * and you will find the GPS test and Bluetooth test in the menu. 

I have the same problem and additionally fitbit to phone connection seems to have stopped working too, i.e. bluetooth, the device works fine but cannot sync to phone. Cannot use navigation and taxi hailing apps are a pain without location. Restarted phone and reset location settings, no effect.

I tried  * # * # 372733 # * # * and the phone passed the test for GPS. Seems to indicate that the issue is with Android-Nokia 8 integration, not the device itself. Similarly, if it was a general Android issue many other models would have been affected. 

I have this problem only in one application (most used), I even reinstalled that one application after deleting cache & all data didn't work, still have the same issue.

But it's not 100% blackout, the GPS does work, sometimes, maybe 20% of the time using that one application.

Other applications don't have this issue, such as Google Maps, Waze, Pokémon Go.

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