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Dropped Calls When Switching from HSPA / HSPA+ to LTE

Hi All,

I just received my new Nokia 6.1 US version from B&H and really like the features and quality. However, I am pretty frustrated with the amount of dropped calls. I've been monitoring the Signal strength from Android "Settings > About Phone > Status > SIM Status" and the signal hasn't been all that great; averaging in the -100 / -110 dBm range. The thing that really caught my eye was that every time my call drops, the phone has been in the process of switching from HSPA or HSPA+ to LTE (4G). 

Is there any known issue with this phone switching between HSPA and LTE? If so, would it be hardware or software related? I'm hoping there will be a fix. My old Nexus 5X had no issue switching between the various types. Also, my wife's Moto g5 plus currently doesn't have any issues. Perhaps I received a defective phone? I'm thinking about returning it to B&H.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


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