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Ta-1062 not received June Update

I'm using Nokia 7 plus TA-1062 .I'm not found June Update yet.anyone got update in Ta-1062 model.

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Bro pantho can u please sent me the link of chinese rom?
Afaik there are two types of TA-1062 versions (Chinese variant and the Androidone version sold in Taiwan and some other countries), idk if yours is the one with the Chinese version and subsequently global rom flashed.
Actually June ota is live.. I personally installed it on my Nokia 7+ Ta-1062 when I reverted back to oreo from P beta 1st time.. ( that option is no longer available as new roll back to oreo rom provides the may rom) The problem is that when you switch to global rom from Chinese rom the device remains certified in play store but after that if you get an ota update and install it, your device will become uncertified and you will no longer get any future ota update.. This is the weird pattern and this strange pattern exists for all nokia phones. So, the solution is either go back to chinese rom to get future updates or remain in global rom without any ota update with the expectation that someone sometime will upload the global ota zip. I fear thats how the things stand rightnow. P.S: Check your device certification status in play store and you'll find that your device is uncertified and because of that I fear you won't get any future ota update.

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I also have this problem, manual check every day, has not been updated in June

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