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Laura please read

Did Nokia release DP 2 again?

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I have the exact same question which I posted in the updates thread. But, if you look at the build numbers, they seem to vary - 305 previously and 308B now.

Yeah I think they released develpor preview 2 again if so what about dp3 and dp4 comes in like 3 days

Not sure. I don't know if it is a simple matter of Nokia-specific naming convention for DPs or they've corrected DP2 and re-uploaded the same. We'll have to wait for a reply. I am downloading 308B anyway.

After installing can you post your review here ? I think they just released it with a new timestamp and I'm waiting for ota so posting your after installing will be helpful

It might take a while before I do that as I am travelling. Will try my best. Hopefully, we can get OTAs by then.

Well, finally its dp3 And volte is back and as I'm using it I've noticed that some of the bugs have been squashed. Must update if on dp2
It's still DP2 man they just released a different version with some bugs fixed DP3 comes with actual good stuff like the all clear button smoother gesture controls etc . Nokia has not released DP3 yet
This seems to be a combination of DP2 and DP3. For example, the "clear button" is missing whereas the upgraded version name is Android 9 (which is in accordance with Google's DP3). However, this build seems smoother, has the June security patch and has a lot of new features incorporated, especially, related to ambient display.
Ambient display and double tap wake is working ?
Yes, its dp3 minus a few things! Don't know why they've done this :3
Yes. Double tap to wake, lift to check phone as well as a new pulse-style notification where we can set the time interval are all working well. Looks like VoLTE is back too.

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That's a relief
Is jio volte working.? Please check n confirm if anyone has installed dp3.
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