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Dev preview 3 bug

The home button is very very VERY slow to respond.

Also, there are 2 apps for contacts, one is AOSP v1.7 and the other is google's which can be updated via play store! Please remove the aosp one.
The power menu has shifted way down, it should be brought back to its place where it was earlier, that was much more handy.
DP3 is not yet released ? What do you mean by DP3 bug
The fingerprint sensor has also become very slow and fingerprint swipe gestures are still missing. @Laura at least you can acknowledge these bugs?
Double tapping the recent apps button quickly on old navigation keys does not work. It does work when we double tap recents button with a pause but it should work as it used to because gestures on android P are not intuitive and fun to use at this moment.
Text selection from recent apps is still missing. Gestures have been improved in dp3 and still they are the some for us. Clear all button is missing. And many more which are left unnoticed. I don't understand why they're doing this!? Is it worth giving half baked update and that too with bugs. Fingerprint unlock is terribly slow, this camera hardware is the same as pixel 2 and we all know the quality of photos we get from Nokia's camera app, if you can't do better in your camera app then at least allow us to use Google camera mod!! Or hire the developers of that app, they don't have access to camera HAL of each and every device still that app is doing wonders with most of the devices' cameras.
Dude it's not developer preview 3 it's 2
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