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Android P Developer Preview beta 2 bugs

Hello guys, So, Nokia HMD has been released a new P beta for Nokia 7 plus and I installed it. I experienced that few bugs I found. 1. No audio on video recording on various of camera apps not just Nokia camera. I tried almost 5-6 camera apps still no hope. Also, the OZO audio option is missing for Nokia camera 2. Can't post recorded video to Instagram on both story or Instagram direct. However, the "video" which is recorded can't be played. Just stuck and freeze. 3. The safety net still haven't pass yet. 4. When you search for fingerprint gestures you can't actually enable it especially that "Tap fingerprint for home" and when you search for "Swipe for fingerprint" it shows nothing. 5. Some of my friends told me that the new API hasn't finalized yet. Here's all the bugs I found till now. Any thoughts? Gcam of course doesn't works haha.

And 1 more question forgot to ask. Will these bugs fix soon via OTA update? Or just have to wait until next preview release?
DP 4 will be out in like 3 days who knows when will we get DP3 . DP3 is one released with API and official sdk
also i installed the android 9 beta,i find it's drain my battery faster than when I'm in oreo 8.1
Certainly it does not record sound, I hope it will be corrected soon, why usually beta 2 works very well !, Nokia could launch the camera application to the play store and update it separately to the system!

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Fingerprint sensor has become very very slow!!
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