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Hotspot issue


I use my nokia as a hotdspot for my IPAD to play my online games, and not so recently am starting to have connectivity issues where I would be playing and suddenly I lose connectivity to server while my data plan is still active and I have to restart or turn off and on the data service on my Nokia for it to provide data to my Ipad, so what I lose actually is data transfer but not connection to the hotspot, don't know if it is a common issue, but it is annoying, sometimes before I even i log to the app/game once on connect I get error so it is not tight with me playing and no data is being transferred, it is random. 

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Was hopping a faster response or at least know someone took note of this, as it is becoming annoyingly frequent today I connected to hotspot and immediately had the connection error, after restarting the hotspot and mobile data service played a couple games then again i got issue connecting to servers and had to switch again off on mobile data and hotspot ....

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