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Keeps Switching Off

my phone first switched off way back in May about 3 days after delivery, it was fully charged and the phone just closed. would not switch on using the power on button, eventually plugged it in to the charger and pressed the power button with the volume up button for 15 seconds. everything was fine. I have noticed apps move location randomly but other than that great phone. over the last month I noticed it is switching itself off more. I saw a few people had this issue but no response from Nokia, these people are seriously poor in guest relations and care for their products. I did contact Nokia and they told me to do a reset,,,,,8.1 landed a few weeks ago and I was not aware of any further problems however today it just powered off 3 times, requiring the hard reset to boot up. and as I was talking to the nokia help desk it went off again and actually restarted itself and all my apps moved and nothing where it was before...…….hmmm hard disk issues ? anyway nokia help told me to reboot in safe mode....nothing else, oh contact them if it happens again. honestly leave my phone in safe mode and do nothing …...why do I have a nokia 7 plus ? to use it ! seriously Nokia get some more staff. the average for my chat response was over 7 minutes waiting for a reply...which was ***t. I have 4 nokia products, I want to love the brand but its not cheap and it dont work very well. actually they just recalled my BPM+ as its occasionally giving false readings...… I seen on google many people have experienced this but I am not seeing any response from Nokia. so now I am highlighting it here. if you care for your customers reply, offer something more than reboot it , it may go away ! if its s a fault then you know, collecting the data will show you an issue...…made in china ? hmmmm my lumia 950xl may yet get a recharge because it was brilliant.

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