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Ear Speaker has stopped working!

Hi All, Within the last couple of days my ear speaker on my Nokia 8 has stopped working for both incoming and outgoing calls. I have Android 8.1 and running the May security Patch. I can only hear the caller if I select external mic/speaker on the bottom of the phone or use the wired headphones. Has anyone else encountered this issue or can advise on what I shoudl do next. Phone 2 months old and is still under warranty also. Thanks!

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I have the same issue, no problem with speaker or with some kind of headset. There was 2 updates I installed yesterday and got it working one time. Several reboots, trued different network and cellular (3/4G) but same problem. This definitely feels lite software issue and would love to see a fix for this is really annoying.

Please help. Anyone?
Are you running the June security patch ? I still have the may patch and hoping maybe it will be fixed in the next update

I have June Patch and no working earpiece :/

Are you sure the culprit is the security patch?

That's what Nokia support chat are recommending. But seems like it didn't work for mylittlepawny.


Hello  everyone, 

I will keep an eye on this here and check if we see this issue in the tickets as well. 
Could you tell me where are you all located?

Best regards, 


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<-- Sweden have an Nokia 8 Verson 00WW_4_88B_SP01, Kernel 4.4.78-pref+ Thu May 31

Tryed Safe mode and Audio Router (app) the issue was not fixed

Australia. Nokia 8. android 8.1.0. may security patch Thanks for helping

is there any updates on this issue? Any tickets? Or will we need to return the phone?

Hi Laura. Any new updates? We are still suffering in silence. Please respond.


Hi all, 

sorry I haven't received any update on this yet. I will raise it again. 

Best regards,

United is T-Mobile.

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