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LDAC codec

Greetings, I got Nokia 6.1 a few days ago, its currently on May update of Android 8.1.0.My Sony headphone WH1000xm2 does not connect via LDAC. After troubleshooting the issue, the only left logical explanations could be phone not actually supporting the codec (even tho everywhere i looked it should), faulty piece (hardware-wise or software-wise). So which one is it? If it's libraries missing in current version, will they be added in future updated and/or in Android P?

I have previously had Nokia 6 device and everything works great there, so it makes no sense to me, why would the feature be removed in newer device.

Thank you for any information,

Nokia lover :D

When you go to de Developer settings, you'll find Bluetooth-audiocodec. There you can select LDAC.

My apologies, seems like i did not make myself clear, when i wrote "after troubleshooting the issue" i really meant: I did set everything correctly in developer menu and Sony application. I have tried reseting network (Bluetooth, mobile & WIFI) in settings. I have tried reseting appropriate system applications, i have also tried factory reset and other things that came in mind. But thanks for tip anyway :)

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