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Just got my 7 plus and am quite disappointed about the software. Will this be fixed?

Hey guys :) So I was hoping you could shed some light into this, because I was so happy finally getting this phone and have to say that I am not as happy anymore.

Luckily, pretty much *all* the problems stem from the software, so my hopes are still high, but right now, I'm seriously considering sending it back. For those of you who run the n Beta or work a Nokia, could you shed some light into these things?

1. The interface is laggy as excrement. Way worse than my already decently laggy Moto G5Plus on 7.0 with an SD 625. This just can't be like this on a phone with these internals and that level of vanilla android. Is this better in P Beta? Nokia, do you recognize this issue and will work on it?

2. The display is so overly saturated, I thought I was holding my old Galaxy S2. This is by far my biggest fear and complaint, because I feel like I'm in the minority of the people who appreciate a decently calibrated display without overblown colours. There is an "enable sRGB mode" slider in the Dev options, but that thing doesn't do anything and resets itself every time you do something else. Nokia, will there be a way like there is on Pixel devices and on Motorola devices (or Samsung devices nowadays) to actually get "accurate" colours on this display? Because right now, it looks like garbage. I can't trust my photos, everything screams at me, that display is the scary movie of smartphone displays.

3. LDAC/aptX (HD) support. It's in the dev options, and in 8.0 AOSP, but it seems like the N7Plus can only do AAC atm. Will this be fixed, will these two codecs actually be enabled in Android 9? LDAC seems to work in Beta, but I'm not sure I wanna keep a phone without aptX Support.

4. Does the GCam mod work on P atm? The camera software is pretty horrible, and I was hoping I could run GCam, but June update seemed to have broken it. 

5. Little things. Anyway we get a gesture to turn on the flashlight like Motorola? I miss that shake gesture the moste. Is there a way to enable the fingerprint reader to turn off the screen? Can we have stereo sound through the earpiece?

Yeah I think that's pretty much it. If people (from Nokia) could weigh in on point 1 and especially on point 2, I would be very happy.


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people just always want flagship and expensive phone then!

You do realize that I specifically wrote that a phone that is 50% *less* expensive (Moto G5 Plus) has these features, where as the *more expensive* Nokia 7 Plus, does not?

It performs worse considerung UI jank, the display is calibrated worse, the camera software and HDR is worse, and the AUdio Codec support is worse, seeing that the G5 Plus during the soak test for 8.1 got LDAC support, which the 7Plus seems to be missing. Same with the Fingerprint reader and the Flashlight.

I'm not complaining about not having a pixel, I'm complaining about the software being quite a bit worse than a significantly cheaper and older phone.

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