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Nokia has a Customer Service support?

I ordered Nokia 7 plus on 8th June 2018 and cancelled the order on the same day following an incorrect color variant choice (Order # 9986). Today's 22nd June 2018 and I am yet to get a status on my refund. Whenever you contact their customer support, you get a standard response "wait for 10-15 days" but is it from the today or from the day I cancelled the order is something that neither I nor the customer service guys doesn't know. They are the most helpless people, I can ever rely on.

My fate, I ordered a black variant (Order # 9987) on the same day and got it delivered on 11th June 2018 (hmm sales is prompt). But on 17th June 2018, I noticed a display issue and the screen is completely blank, although I notice that the phone is still working. As its less than 10 days, I contacted the customer support and asked for a refund, but they said they can only replace (which is relatively fair). But I neither got any communication further nor anybody picked up the phone so far to replace with a new device. You contact them on this and be ready for their surprise response " wait for 10-15 days, concerned team is working on this". 

I am now without a phone for the last 6 days and I am yet to get a responsible reply from the Customer Support Team. I am clueless on what can be done further on this. Can someone advice (I am sure none from customer support would respond on this. Even if they would, they would ask me to wait for 10-15 days which is eternity and would run in loops).

I would think twice before buying Nokia phones here after and wouldn't even think once to buy from going forward.


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