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June is about to end and we still didn't got the security update yet.and the device has tons of bugs .

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"tons of bugs" - not quite, a few. The updates are coming from Google, not HMD/Nokia.


"tons of bugs" - not quite, a few. The updates are coming from Google, not HMD/Nokia.
Security June may be slow to please.
Happy there end number of bugs .
@happy traveller ,,,stop missleading us ,Google has not been notified by hmd about pending update issue or even bugs ,,my Nokia 7 plus after hmd instead of telling Google that they intent to provide DP3 update incorporated for its ROM on beta android one program for Android 9.0 ,,they decided (hmd ) to downgrade the device causing more screw up ,,then later they release an update to android 9.0 beta 2 incorporating android 9.0 DP3 updates for those who had gone to beta 1 Nokia 7 plus android 9.0 ,,,now I wonder why make users have bad software issue while Google had given then the software update instead of hmd releasing it they decided to downgrade Nokia 7 plus users to even more unstable android 8 Oreo ,, instead of just giving them the DP3 of android 9.0 ,,so she case for Nokia 6.1 hmd global has the firmware from Google but they don't wanna update it or release it ,,they are still waiting for their busy developers to update their upcoming 5 more devices to be stable ,,the 2nd generation of Nokias that is Nokia 3.1,5.1,2.1,X6 international Variants ,,so don't expect Ur Nokia 6 to be sorted now hmd just doesnt want to push the update ,,and thez a reason ,,the Google firmware release with MR and P for Nokia 6.1 June ,,works fine on any variant of Nokia 6.1 except for the Indian variant and that is a bummer for hmd since most of their sold Nokia 6.1 is the TA 1089 ,,they don't want users from their just new market to complain so it's screen you for all other users u will wait till hmd sorts the Indian variant for u to get the update ,it's there,,just not stable for Indian variant TA 1089,,and that sucks but u will have to wait ,,,next time hmd release forms of same variant only change the network bands ,,we don't need same fon so many variant and u don't wanna upset your Indian market so u hold others at ransom

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Hmd won't update Nokia 6.1 despite Google having given them the update with maintenance release or MR and security patch or patch for Nokia 6.1 June patch and MR,,the reason is the software is stable for Nokia 6.1 non Indian variant ,,any variant that isnt TA 1089 has been sorted bug wise except for one thing ,WiFi calling still fails on that June update ,but since Nokia has sold alot of its Nokia 6.1 in India the 1089 variant ,it's basically screw you middle finger for the rest of Nokia 6.1 users ,hmd won't update your device to enjoy the stable release but will have to sacrifice your displeasure for Indian market sake so untill they get the Indian variant working fine too ,,the rest of u will have to wait ,,#(can provide screen shorts of a Nokia 6.1 TA 1043 -running an update version of June security patch and maintenance release firmware )if anyone from hmd global wants to despute this claims and give otherwise convincing argument,,why they can't update the fon yet they have everything sorted ,,this is from an internal Google tester for Android 1 Nokia 6.1 specifically TA 1043 sold in more than 23 countries we know the update is stable save for WiFi calling which lets be honest most of us don't even use it but can be sorted depending on your carrier or provider ,,,but for Nokia TA 1089 alot of things gets worst ,,some sensors won't work especially proximity sensor ,,bricks the network completely and also volte is even gone ,,Bluetooth and WiFi keep on stoping or sending errors everyone they are used ,,FC errors or force close errors ,,also battery life is worst ,,for hmd global you need to do something and stop selling different devices to different nations ,,u can deal with the network band issue like other fon makers do ,Samsung or Xiaomi or opportunity sell same fons internationally difference only at its network bands ,,but u will get the internals are same with only processor variance ...challenge hmd global to offer alternative explanation of am wrong ,,they know the test report has been given to them one and half weeks ago but they wanna release new devices to India and having users complain about their just released Nokia 6.1 may cause them to loose market so expect new updates August for TA 1043 or any variant of Nokia 6.1 ,,,

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Just know Google never messes with android one fons's the OEMs who never do their parts as shown by the confusion around android 9.0 DP3 for Nokia 7 plus that was released about a day ago by hmd global yet they knew this was possible but just had to downgrade the fon to instability by going back to Oreo few days ago which doesn't make sense if they were planning to eventually make 9.0 abit more stable ...Nokia hmd get your act together offer solutions especially when Google has done half the work for u
They'll probably push an update before the end of the month otherwise they'll be breaking terms but no one can say if it will be stable or not. Google does take up the software for Android One phones but how do the updates suck only for the 6.1 variants? I'm guessing it's probably the Maintenance Updates we get along with the security patches which is provided by HMD not Google, not an expert here but just putting out my opinion.

The moderator has quietly deleted my earlier message. Nevermind.

Google releases the source for the update. The OEMs then consume the code and make alterations to it to suit their hardware and customizations and that is where Nokia has messed up. Not sure if it is the attitude or incompetence that they are not able to provide a stable update. Like i mentioned in my earlier post (that was deleted), my Oneplus 5T got the June patch a couple weeks ago and it works just fine. There was absolutely no issues with the May patch either

Guessing it got deleted cause you mentioned One Plus 5T, which tbh is a great phone. Well, nice to know that Laura is still around doing her job, I guess. Isn't everything software related in Android One devices handled by Google?

Just recieved v2.22E update here in Sweden. Seem to be a new may update.

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Nokia 6.1 has security updates for June, as you can see, more things are not related to the problem, not sure if the updates will solve the problem or not.
I received the new update as well. TA-1050. From South Africa
Got june update 2 hours ago in Bangladesh.. Seems phone lags.. It said some important updates about phone issues bt that didnt work too well also.. My TA-1043 i Was missing a gesture seetings and guess what... Its still missing..and i dont k ow why apps show that the display resolution is 1080.1794..its dissapointing..fingerprint sensor was the never works when i get the phn out of pocket and it repeatedly shows error and sometimes just disabled.. It doesnt feel like i am using a 4gb 64 gb phn.. Phone is slow and it lags.. Truely dissappointing.. Even after the update.. I wish hmd cud add some extra gestures like i have on my commentbfor the camera caz i bought this knowing that the camera s**ks..phn isnt tested yet aftr 2_22E update but i just hope it gets better to show a lil bit respect to my eagerness and parience over this phn.. Thanks
Nothing here in Australia either for 1050. Looks like our company is going to return all the Nokia 1050's. That is going to be one big return for HMD.
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